LOGOSKettering Archers is a friendly, family club, affiliated to Archery GB (trading name of the Grand National Archery Society) and is part of Kettering Town Cricket and Sports Club, which is our shooting venue on Sunday mornings throughout the year and on Friday evenings from mid-April to mid-September (summer).
We also meet on Friday evenings at the Buccleuch Sports Academy from mid-September to mid-April (winter).


As a club Kettering Archers is over 36 years old. We are one of the few archery clubs in the Northamptonshire county that are able to host "Clout" and "Flight" competitions.
During the year we hold our own Club Championships as well as hosting County and Regional competitions.

Use the website to find out what is going on in our club, the latest news, the history of our club and its appointed committee. You can also view photo's from our club events.

Our members shoot a range of diverse bows e.g. Longbow, Horsebow, Flatbow, Olympic Recurve, Barebow, Compound and Traditional.
If you are new to archery or would like to join our club then please visit our 'BEGINNERS' page to discover about the sport, what equipment you need and how much it costs to start.
You can also contact our Club Secretary via our
'CONTACT US' page for more information about Kettering Archers or Archery in general.



Kettering Archers new SHIRT BADGE is now available.

KA Championship Calendar: MENS, LADIES, JUNIORS.

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New and current member archers, please view the 'KA Shooting Policy'

The Might Of Yngland Standyth Upon Her Archers (Sir John Fortesque 1478)